825 Ne Multnomah, Suite 600 Portland, OR 97232

Company Summary Information

PacifiCorp is ranked #10 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #1 out of 179 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from coal .

PacifiCorp generated 18.3 TWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

According to FERC EQR data, PacifiCorp had a total of $89.8M in seller transasctions and $1.5B in buyer transasctions in 2023 Q4.

Company NamePacifiCorp
Location825 Ne Multnomah, Suite 600 Portland, OR 97232
EIA Utility TypeInvestor-Owned Utility
EIA Utility DatesJan 2001 to Mar 2024
EIA Annual Generation 58.4 TWh
EIA Power Plants81
Fuel Types Coal Natural Gas Wind Hydroelectric Conventional Geothermal Distillate Fuel Oil Solar
Ranked #10 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #1 out of 179 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Coal Generation

FERC Seller Summary

Seller Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Mar 2024
Seller Total Transaction Charges$5.92B
Seller Total Transactions33,566,575
Seller 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$89.84M
Seller 2023 Q4 Transactions1,219,542

FERC Buyer Summary

Buyer Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Apr 2024
Buyer Total Transaction Charges$25.55B
Buyer Total Transactions3,440,957
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$1.46B
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transactions12,155

Map of PacifiCorp Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Monthly FERC Transaction Charges by Type

Monthly aggregates and sums are derived from FERC Electronic Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Power Plants Operated by PacifiCorp

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
AMER FRK Utah--Dec 2002
AshtonAshton, Idaho30 GWhJun 1917Dec 2022 Water
BendBend, Oregon90 MWhJun 1913Dec 2022 Water
Big ForkBig Fork, Montana28 GWhJun 1910Dec 2022 Water
Black Cap Solar PlantLakeview, Oregon4 GWhSep 2012Dec 2022 Solar
BlundellMilford, Utah284 GWhJun 1984Dec 2022 Geothermal
CarbonPrice, Utah-Oct 1954Apr 2015
Cedar Springs IIDouglas, Wyoming624 GWhNov 2020Mar 2024 Wind
Chehalis Generating FacilityChehalis, Washington3 TWhJul 2003Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Clearwater 1Idleyld Park, Oregon26 GWhMay 1953Dec 2022 Water
Clearwater 2Idleyld Park, Oregon22 GWhOct 1953Dec 2022 Water
Cline FallsRedmond, Oregon-Apr 1943Dec 2006
ConditWhite Salmon, Washington--Dec 2010
Copco 1Hornbrook, California68 GWhDec 1917Dec 2022 Water
Copco 2Hornbrook, California81 GWhJun 1925Dec 2022 Water
CoveGrace, Idaho--Dec 2007
Currant CreekMona, Utah3 TWhMay 2005Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Cutler HydroCollinston, Utah27 GWhJun 1927Dec 2022 Water
Dave JohnstonGlen Rock, Wyoming4 TWhJan 1959Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 99.8%
DunlapMedicine Bow, Wyoming530 GWhSep 2010Dec 2022 Wind
Eagle PointEagle Point, Oregon15 GWhOct 1957Dec 2022 Water
East SideKlamath Falls, Oregon-Jul 1924Dec 2015
Ekola FlatsHanna, Wyoming786 GWhNov 2020Mar 2024 Wind
Fall CreekHornbrook, California7 GWhAug 1903Dec 2022 Water
Fish CreekIdleyld Park, Oregon23 GWhMay 1952Dec 2022 Water
Foote Creek IMcFadden, Wyoming230 GWhMar 1999Dec 2022 Wind
Foote Creek IIMcFadden, Wyoming-May 1999Dec 2019
Foote Creek IIIMcFadden, Wyoming-May 1999Dec 2019
Foote Creek IVRock River, Wyoming-Jul 2000Sep 2020
FT GREEN Utah--Dec 2002
GadsbySalt Lake City, Utah305 GWhAug 1951Mar 2024 Natural Gas
GlenrockGlenrock, Wyoming516 GWhNov 2008Dec 2022 Wind
Goodnoe HillsGoldendale, Washington294 GWhMay 2008Dec 2022 Wind
GraceGrace, Idaho48 GWhJun 1923Dec 2022 Water
GraniteSalt lake City, Utah4 GWhJul 1896Dec 2022 Water
GUNLOCK Utah--Jun 2002
High PlainsRock River, Wyoming430 GWhAug 2009Dec 2022 Wind
HunterCastle Dale, Utah3 TWhMay 1978Mar 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.7%
HuntingtonHuntington, Utah3 TWhJun 1974Mar 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.9%
Iron GateHornbrook, California82 GWhJan 1962Dec 2022 Water
Jim BridgerPoint of Rocks, Wyoming9 TWhOct 1974Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 99.6%
John C BoyleKeno, Oregon174 GWhSep 1958Dec 2022 Water
Lake Side Power PlantVineyard, Utah7 TWhAug 2007Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Last ChanceGrace, Idaho4 GWhJan 1984Dec 2022 Water
Leaning JuniperArlington, Oregon273 GWhSep 2006Dec 2022 Wind
Lemolo 1Idleyld Park, Oregon113 GWhJun 1955Dec 2022 Water
Lemolo 2Toketee Falls, Oregon120 GWhOct 1956Dec 2022 Water
Little MountainOgden, Utah--Dec 2012
Marengo Wind PlantDayton, Washington658 GWhJul 2007Dec 2022 Wind
McFadden RidgeRock River, Wyoming130 GWhSep 2009Dec 2022 Wind
MerwinAriel, Washington539 GWhJun 1931Dec 2022 Water
NaughtonKemmerer, Wyoming3 TWhApr 1963Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 64.8% Natural Gas : 35.2%
OlmsteadOrem, Utah-Jun 1910Dec 2015
OneidaRiverdale, Idaho28 GWhJun 1915Dec 2022 Water
PARIS Idaho--Dec 2002
PioneerOgden, Utah8 GWhMay 1910Dec 2022 Water
PowerdaleHood River, Oregon--Dec 2006
Prospect 1Prospect, Oregon737 MWhDec 1911Dec 2022 Water
Prospect 2Prospect, Oregon178 GWhDec 1927Dec 2022 Water
Prospect 3Prospect, Oregon991 MWhMar 1932Dec 2022 Water
Prospect 4Prospect, Oregon92 MWhOct 1944Dec 2022 Water
Pryor Mountain WindBridger, Montana746 GWhMar 2021Mar 2024 Wind
Rolling HillsGlenrock, Wyoming327 GWhDec 2008Dec 2022 Wind
SAND COVE Utah--Jun 2002
Seven Mile HillMedicine Bow, Wyoming566 GWhNov 2008Dec 2022 Wind
Slide CreekIdleyld Park, Oregon56 GWhJun 1951Dec 2022 Water
SodaSoda Springs, Idaho15 GWhJun 1924Dec 2022 Water
Soda SpringsIdleyld Park, Oregon47 GWhFeb 1952Dec 2022 Water
ST ANTHONY Idaho--Dec 2002
StairsSalt Lake City, Utah4 GWhJun 1912Dec 2022 Water
Swift 1Cougar, Washington614 GWhNov 1958Mar 2024 Water
Swift 2Cougar, Washington-Nov 1958Apr 2002
TB FlatsMedicine Bow, Wyoming1 TWhSep 2021Mar 2024 Wind
Toketee FallsIdleyld Park, Oregon199 GWhNov 1949Dec 2022 Water
VEYO Utah--Aug 2002
VI NAUGHTON Wyoming--Dec 2002
Wallowa FallsJoseph, Oregon2 GWhJun 1921Dec 2022 Water
WeberSouth Weber, Utah9 GWhJun 1911Dec 2022 Water
WEST SIDE Oregon--Dec 2002
WyodakGillette, Wyoming2 TWhAug 1978Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 99.9%
YaleAmboy, Washington585 GWhAug 1953Dec 2022 Water

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to PacifiCorp when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with PacifiCorp.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2023 Q4
OYA Robinson Road, LLCToronto, ON3.3 GWh-
OYA State Route 122, LLCToronto, ON7.7 GWh-
OYA Wayside Drive LLCToronto, ON354.0 MWh-
Ozarks Electric Coop Corp - (Ar)Fayetteville, AR1.6 GWh-
Pacific Crest Power, LLCNew York, NY-$876.74k
Pacific Energy Solutions, LLCJuno Beach, FL25.0 GWh-
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.San Francisco, CA31.4 TWh$1.16B
Pacific Northwest Generating CoopClackamas, OR42.9 GWh$68.84M
Pacific Summit Energy LLCIrvine, CA-$1.20M
Pacific Wind Lessee, LLCPhoenix, AZ-$5.83M
Packaging Corporation Of AmericaLake Forest, IL878.7 GWh-
Paducah Power SystemPaducah, KY74.1 GWh-
Page Solar Farm, LLCAsheville, NC2.8 GWh-
Painted Hills Wind Holdings, LLCSan Diego, CA-$1.10M
Palm Springs City OfPalm Springs, CA6.6 GWh-
Palmco Power DC, LLCBrooklyn, NY-$1.16k
Palmco Power De, LLCBrooklyn, NY-$3.28k
Palmco Power Il, LLCBrooklyn, NY-$52.63k
Palmco Power Ma, LLCBrooklyn, NY-$10.01k
Palmco Power MD, LLCBrooklyn, NY-$8.20k

Top 20 Companies Associated with PacifiCorp

A list of the top 20 companies associated with PacifiCorp in terms of total FERC EQR transactions charges. Total Transaction Charges are based on FERC EQR data obtained since Q3 2013.

Company Contacts

A list of all company contacts obtained from FERC EQR data since 2013

ContactTitlePhoneEmailAddressFERC Filing Periods
Contract Administration2022Q4 - 2024Q1
Contract Administration2015Q2 - 2022Q3
Contract Adminstration2013Q3 - 2015Q3

The 20 Most Recent FERC EQR Transactions

Displaying Results 1 to 20 of 37,095,881   ( 0.552s )
Seller NameBuyer NameProductTransaction
Group Ref #
Begin DateEnd DateTrade DateQuantityPriceUnitsTransmission
FERC Tariff RefContract
Point of
Delivery Hub
Bonneville Power AdministrationPacifiCorpENERGY21699762024-03-30 00:002024-04-01 00:002024-03-27400$27.50$/MWH$0.00$11,000.00NPUDE-MS79-91BP93445New1991-07-271991-07-27PacificPrevailing2BPATNWHFirmShortTermDailyOffPeakNew
PHILLIPS 66 ENERGY TRADING LLCPACIFIC POWER ROCKY MOUNTAIN PWRENERGY1263762024-03-31 23:002024-04-01 00:002024-03-2725$27.00$/MWH$0.00$675.00Market Based Rate Tariff 0.0.0100209New2023-05-032023-05-03PacificPrevailing2PACEPacifiCorp-EastFirmShortTermDailyOffPeakNewBroker
Bonneville Power AdministrationPacifiCorpENERGY21699752024-03-30 00:002024-04-01 00:002024-03-27400$29.00$/MWH$0.00$11,600.00NPUDE-MS79-91BP93445New1991-07-271991-07-27PacificPrevailing2BPATNWHFirmShortTermDailyOffPeakNew
Roseburg Forest ProductsPacifiCorpENERGY2024Q1-D-052024-03-01 00:002024-04-01 00:002019-02-28125$66.02$/MWH$0.01$8,252.58FERC Electric MBR Tariff, Volume No. 1, Docket: ER12-198-0001D-05-2024New2019-02-282019-03-012028-12-31PacificStandard2PACWCOBFirmLongTermYearlyOnPeakNewIntercontinentalExchange

PacifiCorp Name and Address Permutations

Due to the nature of the data we have to make some assumptions when determining if two companies are the same. So to be transparent about how we're calculating some of the summary values, here are all the company names and addresses that were combined to create this record. While we try to make sure everything is as accurate as possible we can't guarantee complete accuracy for all records.

Company NameCompany Address
PacifiCorp825 Ne Multnomah STE 1600 Portland, OR 97232
PacifiCorp825 Ne Multnomah, Suite 600 Portland, OR 97232