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A Few Interesting U.S. Electricity Statistics


Active Power Plants

with > 1 GWh in the past year


Active Utilities

with > 1 GWh in the past year

4,178 TWh

Total Net Electricity Generation

in the United States in 2023


FERC EQR Transactions

since 2013

State Summary of Net Electricity Generation By Source

Figures are based on March 2024 generation numbers.

RankStateActive PlantsTotal GenerationNatural GasCoalWindSolarNuclear
# 7Alabama7510.23 TWh3.78 TWh1.58 TWh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh3.39 TWh
# 47Alaska141560.00 GWh274.65 GWh58.15 GWh14.62 GWh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh
# 14Arizona1547.88 TWh3.01 TWh435.68 GWh220.63 GWh1.13 TWh2.97 TWh
# 28Arkansas724.50 TWh1.67 TWh843.07 GWh0.00 Wh179.68 GWh1.39 TWh
# 4California1,56115.76 TWh4.78 TWh20.05 GWh1.46 TWh5.97 TWh1.68 TWh
# 24Colorado2584.82 TWh1.62 TWh1.05 TWh1.60 TWh587.34 GWh0.00 Wh
# 31Connecticut1493.76 TWh2.06 TWh0.00 Wh1.39 GWh169.81 GWh1.57 TWh
# 50Delaware29178.12 GWh127.12 GWh7.83 GWh175.00 MWh33.47 GWh0.00 Wh
# 51District of Columbia1120.24 GWh12.76 GWh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh
# 3Florida27519.18 TWh14.78 TWh260.40 GWh0.00 Wh1.89 TWh2.23 TWh
# 9Georgia2209.96 TWh3.95 TWh857.17 GWh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh3.68 TWh
# 46Hawaii66710.57 GWh0.00 Wh0.00 Wh68.54 GWh181.55 GWh0.00 Wh
# 43Idaho1401.47 TWh474.72 GWh0.00 Wh257.75 GWh92.37 GWh0.00 Wh
# 5Illinois31214.93 TWh1.94 TWh1.68 TWh2.95 TWh365.97 GWh8.08 TWh
# 17Indiana1897.11 TWh3.12 TWh2.46 TWh1.17 TWh209.91 GWh0.00 Wh
# 20Iowa2776.23 TWh512.34 GWh500.81 GWh5.09 TWh89.08 GWh0.00 Wh
# 25Kansas1534.79 TWh433.66 GWh460.28 GWh3.09 TWh22.04 GWh784.86 GWh
# 26Kentucky514.52 TWh618.26 GWh3.38 TWh0.00 Wh25.93 GWh0.00 Wh
# 16Louisiana757.13 TWh5.26 TWh252.97 GWh0.00 Wh89.92 GWh1.20 TWh
# 45Maine1241.18 TWh338.03 GWh4.84 GWh283.95 GWh155.39 GWh0.00 Wh
# 38Maryland1672.64 TWh770.67 GWh121.84 GWh68.02 GWh225.52 GWh1.24 TWh
# 41Massachusetts5841.77 TWh1.39 TWh0.00 Wh20.20 GWh525.15 GWh0.00 Wh
# 11Michigan2538.89 TWh4.42 TWh971.93 GWh1.11 TWh168.36 GWh1.97 TWh
# 23Minnesota7034.95 TWh1.21 TWh706.90 GWh1.65 TWh220.71 GWh1.02 TWh
# 30Mississippi444.34 TWh3.91 TWh225.45 GWh0.00 Wh66.85 GWh41.63 GWh
# 27Missouri1174.51 TWh444.46 GWh2.10 TWh869.59 GWh88.85 GWh920.50 GWh
# 40Montana682.05 TWh62.83 GWh785.45 GWh424.39 GWh36.11 GWh0.00 Wh
# 35Nebraska1163.19 TWh111.76 GWh1.06 TWh1.33 TWh12.17 GWh593.83 GWh
# 36Nevada1053.18 TWh1.65 TWh165.16 GWh38.89 GWh990.77 GWh0.00 Wh
# 44New Hampshire551.44 TWh244.63 GWh6.78 GWh50.45 GWh0.00 Wh927.40 GWh
# 29New Jersey3514.49 TWh1.72 TWh0.00 Wh2.41 GWh447.77 GWh2.51 TWh
# 34New Mexico1363.22 TWh882.42 GWh527.77 GWh1.52 TWh345.05 GWh0.00 Wh
# 8New York76010.05 TWh4.67 TWh0.00 Wh629.91 GWh632.23 GWh1.72 TWh
# 10North Carolina8779.75 TWh3.37 TWh1.09 TWh61.45 GWh1.06 TWh3.54 TWh
# 32North Dakota563.70 TWh156.49 GWh1.97 TWh1.44 TWh201.81 MWh0.00 Wh
# 6Ohio17410.25 TWh7.07 TWh1.40 TWh351.60 GWh290.51 GWh1.01 TWh
# 18Oklahoma1276.76 TWh2.66 TWh92.15 GWh3.78 TWh22.91 GWh0.00 Wh
# 21Oregon2565.64 TWh2.12 TWh0.00 Wh759.73 GWh207.41 GWh0.00 Wh
# 2Pennsylvania23019.99 TWh12.10 TWh600.96 GWh386.34 GWh186.33 GWh6.38 TWh
# 48Rhode Island88497.03 GWh400.12 GWh0.00 Wh20.70 GWh120.38 GWh0.00 Wh
# 15South Carolina1967.73 TWh1.45 TWh1.02 TWh0.00 Wh302.44 GWh4.56 TWh
# 42South Dakota521.76 TWh142.04 GWh111.82 GWh1.15 TWh12.76 GWh0.00 Wh
# 19Tennessee846.44 TWh1.30 TWh1.01 TWh0.00 Wh104.40 GWh3.09 TWh
# 1Texas75340.14 TWh19.02 TWh3.21 TWh11.65 TWh3.20 TWh3.06 TWh
# 39Utah1142.32 TWh907.10 GWh867.08 GWh81.28 GWh446.58 GWh0.00 Wh
# 49Vermont110204.28 GWh194.44 MWh0.00 Wh39.57 GWh39.22 GWh0.00 Wh
# 13Virginia1958.21 TWh5.24 TWh74.60 GWh5.86 GWh608.80 GWh2.05 TWh
# 12Washington1358.60 TWh1.48 TWh201.90 GWh811.37 GWh85.65 GWh841.43 GWh
# 33West Virginia363.67 TWh229.62 GWh2.99 TWh258.82 GWh20.90 GWh0.00 Wh
# 22Wisconsin2045.25 TWh2.30 TWh1.40 TWh236.07 GWh250.63 GWh896.88 GWh
# 37Wyoming663.09 TWh243.67 GWh1.81 TWh925.04 GWh16.39 GWh0.00 Wh

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