Summary of Electricity Activity in Virginia

Summary of Virginia Generation

Virginia is ranked #16 out of 51 U.S. states and territories in terms of total annual net electricity generation. electricity generation data is aggregated from Jan 2001 to Mar 2024.

Companies on File131
Plants on File281
Total Generation8.21G MMBtu
Total Sales 10.45G kWh
Total Revenue $1.13B

Map of Top Producing Cities in the Virginia

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Overall National Rank

#16 /51 U.S. States

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

102.5 TWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

953.8 M MMBtu

Electric Companies in Virginia


Power Plants


Natural Gas Rank


Coal Rank


Nuclear Rank


Hydroelectric Rank


Wind Rank


Solar Rank


Monthly Net Generation for Virginia

Electricity Sales Distribution

Electricity Sales, Price, and Revenue Breakdown

SalesPrice (Avg)Revenue
Residential3.38G kWh14.72 cents/kWh$497.47M
Commercial5.59G kWh9.07 cents/kWh$507.03M
Industrial1.46G kWh8.53 cents/kWh$124.17M
Transportation23.77M kWh10.05 cents/kWh$2.39M
Total10.45G kWh10.82 cents/kWh$1.13B

Production by Source

Largest 24 Power Plants in Virginia

RankPlantUtilityLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
#9Bear GardenVirginia Electric & Power CoNew Canton, Virginia3.7 TWhApr 2011Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 99.9%
#5Brunswick County Power StationVirginia Electric & Power CoFreeman, Virginia7.5 TWhMar 2016Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#24Buchanan Generation LLCBuchanan Generation, LLCKeen Mountain, Virginia375.9 GWhMay 2002Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#10ChesterfieldVirginia Electric & Power CoChester, Virginia2.5 TWhNov 1952Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 88.1% Bituminous Coal : 11.7%
#20CloverVirginia Electric & Power CoClover, Virginia530.7 GWhSep 1995Mar 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.3% Distillate Fuel Oil : 0.7%
#16Covanta Fairfax EnergyCovanta Fairfax IncLorton, Virginia758.0 GWhFeb 1990Mar 2024 Non-biogenic Municipal Solid Waste : 54.6% Biogenic Municipal Solid Waste : 44.6% Natural Gas : 0.8%
#17Covington FacilityWestRock CorpCovington, Virginia732.3 GWhDec 1950Mar 2024 Black Liquor : 43.8% Natural Gas : 27.2% Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 17.3% Bituminous Coal : 10.9% Residual Fuel Oil : 0.8%
#6Doswell Energy CenterDoswell Ltd PartnershipAshland, Virginia5.9 TWhOct 1991Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 99.8%
#12Gordonsville Energy LPVirginia Electric & Power CoGordonsville, Virginia1.1 TWhFeb 1994Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 97.6% Distillate Fuel Oil : 2.4%
#3Greensville County Power StationVirginia Electric & Power CoEmporia, Virginia11.8 TWhNov 2018Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#13Hopewell CogenerationLuminant Generation Company LLCHopewell, Virginia981.5 GWhDec 1989Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 99.5%
#23Hopewell Power StationVirginia Electric & Power CoHopewell, Virginia387.2 GWhJun 1992Dec 2022 Wood/Wood Waste Solids
#14LadysmithVirginia Electric & Power CoWoodford, Virginia879.5 GWhApr 2001Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 97.0% Distillate Fuel Oil : 3.0%
#1North AnnaVirginia Electric & Power CoMineral, Virginia16.6 TWhMay 1978Mar 2024 Nuclear
#21Pleinmont Solar 2AES Distributed EnergySpotsylvania, Virginia510.9 GWhJul 2021Mar 2024 Solar
#11Possum PointVirginia Electric & Power CoDumfries, Virginia2.4 TWhMay 1955Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#7Potomac Energy Center, LLCPotomac Energy Center LLCLeesburg, Virginia5.0 TWhMar 2017Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#18RemingtonVirginia Electric & Power CoRemington, Virginia717.3 GWhMay 2000Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 92.9% Distillate Fuel Oil : 7.1%
#22Skipjack Solar CenterAES Distributed EnergyWayside, Virginia389.1 GWhApr 2022Mar 2024 Solar
#2SurryVirginia Electric & Power CoSurry, Virginia15.2 TWhNov 1972Mar 2024 Nuclear
#8Tenaska Virginia Generating StationTenaska Virginia Partners LPScottsville, Virginia4.7 TWhMar 2004Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#15Virginia City Hybrid Energy CenterVirginia Electric & Power CoSt. Paul, Virginia808.4 GWhJun 2012Feb 2024 Bituminous Coal : 87.0% Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 12.1% Distillate Fuel Oil : 0.9%
#4Warren CountyVirginia Electric & Power CoFront Royal, Virginia9.8 TWhNov 2014Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#19WestRock-West Point MillWestRock-West Point MillWest Point, Virginia536.8 GWhDec 1953Mar 2024 Black Liquor : 44.0% Natural Gas : 36.4% Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 15.4% Bituminous Coal : 2.5% Sludge Waste : 1.7%

Electricity Generation by Virginia Counties

State RankCounty# Power PlantsNet Generation
Past 12 Months
Net Generation
from Natural Gas
Net Generation
from Wind
Net Generation
from Solar
Net Generation
from Nuclear
#32Accomack County, VA9166.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh142.0 GWh0.0 Wh
#33Alexandria city, VA2158.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#19Alleghany County, VA2735.0 GWh199.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#63Amelia County, VA522.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#67Amherst County, VA312.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#58Appomattox County, VA132.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh32.7 GWh0.0 Wh
#41Bedford County, VA576.3 GWh35.1 GWh0.0 Wh5.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#71Bristol city, VA16.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#5Brunswick County, VA27.6 TWh7.5 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#27Buchanan County, VA1375.9 GWh375.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#9Buckingham County, VA53.8 TWh3.7 TWh0.0 Wh78.0 GWh0.0 Wh
#22Campbell County, VA5614.7 GWh863.2 MWh0.0 Wh217.1 GWh0.0 Wh
#16Caroline County, VA1879.5 GWh853.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#38Carroll County, VA394.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#26Charles City County, VA4455.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh389.1 GWh0.0 Wh
#62Charlotte County, VA328.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh28.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#28Chesapeake city, VA8286.2 GWh34.6 GWh0.0 Wh223.3 GWh0.0 Wh
#10Chesterfield County, VA62.6 TWh2.2 TWh0.0 Wh2.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#73Clarke County, VA13.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh3.9 GWh0.0 Wh
#76Culpeper County, VA2677.4 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#79Dinwiddie County, VA367.2 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#51Essex County, VA137.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh37.7 GWh0.0 Wh
#18Fairfax County, VA3782.8 GWh5.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#14Fauquier County, VA41.1 TWh987.5 GWh0.0 Wh36.9 GWh0.0 Wh
#8Fluvanna County, VA34.7 TWh4.7 TWh0.0 Wh11.7 GWh0.0 Wh
#34Frederick County, VA5115.6 GWh106.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#31Giles County, VA2175.5 GWh175.5 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#49Gloucester County, VA142.5 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh42.5 GWh0.0 Wh
#68Goochland County, VA210.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh10.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#64Grayson County, VA122.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#3Greensville County, VA512.3 TWh11.8 TWh0.0 Wh447.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#12Halifax County, VA111.4 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh479.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#50Hampton city, VA140.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#6Hanover County, VA26.0 TWh5.9 TWh0.0 Wh57.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#36Henrico County, VA5111.5 GWh33.3 GWh0.0 Wh42.5 GWh0.0 Wh
#45Henry County, VA765.7 GWh167.0 MWh0.0 Wh65.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#78Highland County, VA1154.0 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#20Hopewell city, VA3705.8 GWh70.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#29Isle of Wight County, VA2284.4 GWh71.9 GWh0.0 Wh29.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#56James City County, VA233.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh33.3 GWh0.0 Wh
#44King and Queen County, VA166.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#39King George County, VA288.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#23King William County, VA3592.3 GWh195.4 GWh0.0 Wh55.5 GWh0.0 Wh
#74Lancaster County, VA13.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh3.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#7Loudoun County, VA25.0 TWh5.0 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#1Louisa County, VA818.1 TWh1.3 TWh0.0 Wh163.0 GWh16.6 TWh
#24Mecklenburg County, VA5591.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh233.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#40Middlesex County, VA280.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh28.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#48Montgomery County, VA246.7 GWh46.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#54New Kent County, VA234.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh34.1 GWh0.0 Wh
#75Norfolk city, VA11.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh1.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#53Northampton County, VA235.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh34.0 GWh0.0 Wh
#69Page County, VA29.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#59Patrick County, VA131.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#21Pittsylvania County, VA12647.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh420.3 GWh0.0 Wh
#47Portsmouth city, VA247.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#43Powhatan County, VA470.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh70.3 GWh0.0 Wh
#13Prince George County, VA41.4 TWh976.9 GWh0.0 Wh378.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#11Prince William County, VA102.4 TWh2.4 TWh0.0 Wh1.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#30Pulaski County, VA4251.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#46Richmond city, VA363.6 GWh63.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#65Richmond County, VA320.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#70Roanoke County, VA18.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#60Rockingham County, VA629.3 GWh14.4 GWh0.0 Wh4.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#37Russell County, VA1104.1 GWh104.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#77Salem city, VA3195.3 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#57Shenandoah County, VA132.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh32.9 GWh0.0 Wh
#25Southampton County, VA5483.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh112.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#15Spotsylvania County, VA41.0 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh1.0 TWh0.0 Wh
#72Stafford County, VA14.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#61Suffolk city, VA528.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh28.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#2Surry County, VA615.7 TWh19.7 GWh0.0 Wh445.9 GWh15.2 TWh
#42Sussex County, VA371.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh71.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#55Virginia Beach city, VA233.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh30.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#4Warren County, VA29.8 TWh9.8 TWh0.0 Wh4.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#52Washington County, VA136.8 GWh36.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#35Westmoreland County, VA4114.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh114.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#17Wise County, VA1808.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#66Wythe County, VA219.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh19.7 GWh0.0 Wh

Top 20 Electricity Producing Cities in Virginia

Electricity Generation for Neighboring States

National RankStateNet Generation# Power Plants
#6Alabama151.5 TWh100
#35Connecticut43.9 TWh203
#49Delaware5.2 TWh39
#51District of Columbia201.1 GWh18
#8Georgia145.4 TWh303
#17Indiana99.7 TWh260
#24Kentucky68.7 TWh79
#38Maryland38.5 TWh223
#41Massachusetts20.9 TWh664
#43New Hampshire18.1 TWh74
#23New Jersey69.7 TWh443
#10New York135.3 TWh1,040
#9North Carolina140.3 TWh1,100
#7Ohio149.7 TWh283
#3Pennsylvania256.0 TWh360
#47Rhode Island9.3 TWh105
#13South Carolina110.4 TWh292
#19Tennessee87.3 TWh105
#50Vermont2.3 TWh138
#31West Virginia56.2 TWh64

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Mar 2024