Luminant Generation Company LLC

6555 Sierra Drive Irving, TX 75039

Company Summary Information

Luminant Generation Company LLC is ranked #14 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #3 out of 179 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from coal .

Luminant Generation Company LLC generated 16.3 TWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

Company NameLuminant Generation Company LLC
Location6555 Sierra Drive Irving, TX 75039
EIA Utility TypeIndependent Power Producer
EIA Utility DatesJan 2001 to Mar 2024
EIA Annual Generation 51.1 TWh
EIA Power Plants28
Fuel Types Coal Nuclear Natural Gas Solar Distillate Fuel Oil
Ranked #14 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #3 out of 179 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Coal Generation

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Power Plants Operated by Luminant Generation Company LLC

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
AliraAndrews, Texas---
Big BrownFairfield, Texas-Nov 1971Feb 2018
BrightsideBeeville, Texas111 GWhApr 2022Mar 2024 Solar
Comanche PeakGlen Rose, Texas20 TWhJul 1990Mar 2024 Nuclear
DeCordova Steam Electric StationGranbury, Texas69 GWhFeb 1990Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 93.3% Distillate Fuel Oil : 6.7%
Eagle MountainFort Worth, Texas--Apr 2005
Emerald GroveCrane, Texas311 GWh-Mar 2024 Solar
GrahamGraham, Texas167 GWhNov 1960Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 81.2% Distillate Fuel Oil : 18.8%
HallmarkGreenville, Texas---
Hopewell CogenerationHopewell, Virginia982 GWhDec 1989Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 99.5%
JayhawkColorado City, Texas---
Lake CreekWaco, Texas-Mar 1953Sep 2009
Lake HubbardSunnyvale, Texas563 GWhMay 1970Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 84.9% Distillate Fuel Oil : 15.1%
Martin LakeTatum, Texas13 TWhApr 1977Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 99.9%
MonticelloMount Pleasant, Texas-Nov 1974Dec 2017
Morgan CreekColorado City, Texas22 GWhJun 1988Dec 2022 Distillate Fuel Oil : 84.8% Natural Gas : 15.2%
North LakeCoppell, Texas--Sep 2008
North MainFort Worth, Texas--Oct 2003
Oak Grove (TX)Franklin, Texas12 TWhMar 2010Mar 2024 Lignite Coal : 96.0% Natural Gas : 4.0%
ParkdaleDallas, Texas--Jun 2004
Permian BasinMonahans, Texas131 GWhMay 1958Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 99.0% Distillate Fuel Oil : 1.0%
River CrestBogota, Texas--Oct 2003
Sandow No 4Rockdale, Texas-Apr 1981Jan 2018
Sandow No 5Rockdale, Texas-Dec 2009Jan 2018
Stryker CreekJacksonville, Texas231 GWhMay 1958Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 95.0% Distillate Fuel Oil : 5.0%
TradinghouseWaco, Texas--Sep 2010
Trinidad (TX)Trinidad, Texas62 GWhApr 1965Dec 2022 Natural Gas
TXU Sweetwater Generating PlantSweetwater, Texas--Apr 2009

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to Luminant Generation Company LLC when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with Luminant Generation Company LLC.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2023 Q4
Luminace Solar Illinois 2, LLCNew York, NY16.3 GWh-
Luminace Solar Maryland II, LLCNew York, NY11.7 GWh-
Luminace Solar Maryland, LLCNew York, NY2.6 GWh-
Luminace Solar Massachusetts, LLCNew York, NY4.7 GWh-
Luminace Solar MC, LLCNew York, NY47.1 GWh-
Luminace Solar Net Metering, LLCNew York, NY2.7 GWh-
Luminace Solar New Jersey II, LLCNew York, NY12.4 GWh-
Luminace Solar New Jersey, LLCNew York, NY23.2 GWh-
Luminace Solar Rhode Island, LLCNew York, NY4.6 GWh-
Luminant Dick's CreekMonroe, OH12.0 GWh-
Luminant Miami FortNorth Bend, OH3.3 TWh-
LUND Hill Solar, LLCPortland, OR-$1.60M
Luning Energy LLCTahoe VIsta, CA-$1.05M
Luther College Wind Energy Project LLCDecorah, IA2.7 GWh-
LUZ Solar Partners Ltd., IXNew York, NY-$289.47k
LWP Lessee, LLCPhoenix, AZ-$8.42M
Lyons Road Solar, LLCSanta Monica, CA36.7 GWh-
LYRA Community SolarScottsdale, AZ4.9 GWh-
Ma CS Uxbridge, LLCSan Francisco, CA2.2 GWh-
Ma CS Ware West, LLCSan Francisco, CA4.9 GWh-