Summary of Electricity Activity in West Virginia

Summary of West Virginia Generation

West Virginia is ranked #31 out of 51 U.S. states and territories in terms of total annual net electricity generation. electricity generation data is aggregated from Jan 2001 to Apr 2024.

Companies on File40
Plants on File64
Total Generation3.83G MMBtu
Total Sales 2.43G kWh
Total Revenue $264.05M

Map of Top Producing Cities in the West Virginia

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Overall National Rank

#31 /51 U.S. States

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

55.4 TWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

549.3 M MMBtu

Electric Companies in West Virginia


West Virginia
Power Plants


Natural Gas Rank


Coal Rank


Nuclear Rank


Hydroelectric Rank


Wind Rank


Solar Rank


Monthly Net Generation for West Virginia

Electricity Sales Distribution

Electricity Sales, Price, and Revenue Breakdown

SalesPrice (Avg)Revenue
Residential679.63M kWh15.56 cents/kWh$105.72M
Commercial539.60M kWh12.14 cents/kWh$65.48M
Industrial1.21G kWh7.66 cents/kWh$92.85M
Transportation0 kWh0.00 cents/kWh$0
Total2.43G kWh10.86 cents/kWh$264.05M

Production by Source

Largest 24 Power Plants in West Virginia

RankPlantUtilityLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
#10Axiall Natrium PlantWestlake Chemical Natrium PlantNew Martinsville, West Virginia712.8 GWhDec 1942Apr 2024 Natural Gas : 95.3% Other Gas : 4.7%
#19Beech Ridge Energy LLCInvenergy Services LLCRupert, West Virginia263.0 GWhDec 2009Apr 2024 Wind
#18Belleville DamAmerican Mun Power-Ohio, IncBelleville, West Virginia285.3 GWhMay 1999Dec 2022 Water
#17Big Sandy Peaker PlantMiddle River Power II, LLCKenona, West Virginia288.8 GWhJun 2001Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#15Black Rock WindBlack Rock Wind Force, LLCElk Garden, West Virginia355.8 GWhJan 2022Apr 2024 Wind
#14Ceredo Generating StationAppalachian Power CoHuntington, West Virginia500.4 GWhMay 2001Apr 2024 Natural Gas
#4FirstEnergy Fort Martin Power StationMonongahela Power CoMaidsville, West Virginia4.7 TWhSep 1967Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.6%
#1FirstEnergy Harrison Power StationMonongahela Power CoHaywood, West Virginia11.9 TWhNov 1972Apr 2024 Refined Coal : 99.9%
#22Gauley River Power PartnersCentral Rivers Power WV, LLCSummersville, West Virginia221.0 GWhJun 2001Dec 2022 Water
#11Grant Town Power PlantAmerican Bituminous Power LPGrant Town, West Virginia671.9 GWhJun 1992Dec 2022 Waste/Other Coal : 99.5%
#13Hawks Nest HydroHawks Nest Hydro LLCGauley Bridge, West Virginia539.9 GWhMay 1936Dec 2022 Water
#2John E AmosAppalachian Power CoSt Albans, West Virginia9.8 TWhAug 1971Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.4% Distillate Fuel Oil : 0.6%
#20Laurel Mountain HybridAES Distributed EnergyBelington, West Virginia255.1 GWhJul 2011Apr 2024 Wind
#5Longview Power PlantLongview Power, LLCMaidsville, West Virginia4.3 TWhNov 2011Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.5%
#6Mitchell (WV)Kentucky Power CoCaptina, West Virginia3.8 TWhApr 1971Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.2% Distillate Fuel Oil : 0.8%
#3MountaineerAppalachian Power CoNew Haven, West Virginia5.7 TWhAug 1980Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.7%
#7Mt StormVirginia Electric & Power CoMount Storm, West Virginia3.5 TWhAug 1965Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.3% Distillate Fuel Oil : 0.7%
#12NedPower Mount StormClearway Energy Operating LLCMount Storm, West Virginia601.0 GWhFeb 2008Apr 2024 Wind
#16New Creek WindNew Creek Wind, LLCNew Creek, West Virginia321.2 GWhNov 2016Apr 2024 Wind
#24New Martinsville Hannibal HydroNew Martinsville Hannibal HydroNew Martinsville, West Virginia180.4 GWhJun 1988Dec 2022 Water
#23Pinnacle Wind Force LLCPinnacle Wind, LLCKeyser, West Virginia204.9 GWhNov 2011Apr 2024 Wind
#9Pleasants Energy LLCPleasants Energy LLCSt Mary's, West Virginia2.6 TWhFeb 2002Apr 2024 Natural Gas : 99.9%
#8Pleasants Power StationOmnis Pleasants, LLCWillow Island, West Virginia2.9 TWhMar 1979Apr 2024 Bituminous Coal : 99.3% Natural Gas : 0.7%
#21Willow Island Hydroelectric PlantAmerican Mun Power-Ohio, IncWillow Island, West Virginia229.3 GWhDec 2015Dec 2022 Water

Electricity Generation by West Virginia Counties

State RankCounty# Power PlantsNet Generation
Past 12 Months
Net Generation
from Natural Gas
Net Generation
from Wind
Net Generation
from Solar
Net Generation
from Nuclear
#14Barbour County, WV1255.1 GWh0.0 Wh261.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#21Berkeley County, WV26.5 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#11Fayette County, WV3557.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#7Grant County, WV44.4 TWh0.0 Wh922.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#12Greenbrier County, WV3402.5 GWh0.0 Wh410.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#1Harrison County, WV211.9 TWh14.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#19Jefferson County, WV343.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh27.3 GWh0.0 Wh
#17Kanawha County, WV7124.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#9Marion County, WV4671.9 GWh3.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#6Marshall County, WV44.5 TWh679.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#5Mason County, WV25.7 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#10Mineral County, WV2560.7 GWh0.0 Wh560.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#3Monongalia County, WV69.1 TWh19.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#15Nicholas County, WV1221.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#4Pleasants County, WV45.7 TWh2.6 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#2Putnam County, WV210.0 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#20Raleigh County, WV111.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#18Tucker County, WV256.0 GWh0.0 Wh56.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#8Wayne County, WV2789.2 GWh789.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#16Wetzel County, WV1180.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#13Wood County, WV1285.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh

Top 20 Electricity Producing Cities in West Virginia

Electricity Generation for Neighboring States

National RankStateNet Generation# Power Plants
#6Alabama151.4 TWh102
#35Connecticut43.3 TWh212
#49Delaware5.3 TWh42
#51District of Columbia200.6 GWh20
#8Georgia146.2 TWh314
#5Illinois197.7 TWh484
#18Indiana97.9 TWh266
#25Kentucky67.8 TWh84
#38Maryland38.8 TWh242
#41Massachusetts20.9 TWh695
#11Michigan128.5 TWh366
#23New Jersey69.5 TWh470
#10New York135.6 TWh1,115
#9North Carolina140.2 TWh1,114
#7Ohio149.4 TWh289
#3Pennsylvania251.2 TWh365
#47Rhode Island9.1 TWh114
#14South Carolina109.5 TWh295
#19Tennessee86.6 TWh114
#16Virginia101.3 TWh308

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Apr 2024