Summary of Electricity Activity in Vermont

Summary of Vermont Generation

Vermont is ranked #50 out of 51 U.S. states and territories in terms of total annual net electricity generation. electricity generation data is aggregated from Jan 2001 to Mar 2024.

Companies on File58
Plants on File138
Total Generation204.28M MMBtu
Total Sales 453.64M kWh
Total Revenue $83.32M

Map of Top Producing Cities in the Vermont

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Overall National Rank

#50 /51 U.S. States

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

2.3 TWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

12.9 M MMBtu

Electric Companies in Vermont


Power Plants


Natural Gas Rank


Coal Rank


Nuclear Rank


Hydroelectric Rank


Wind Rank


Solar Rank


Monthly Net Generation for Vermont

Electricity Sales Distribution

Electricity Sales, Price, and Revenue Breakdown

SalesPrice (Avg)Revenue
Residential188.21M kWh21.72 cents/kWh$40.87M
Commercial158.88M kWh18.87 cents/kWh$29.98M
Industrial106.54M kWh11.70 cents/kWh$12.47M
Transportation0 kWh0.00 cents/kWh$0
Total453.64M kWh18.37 cents/kWh$83.32M

Production by Source

Largest 24 Power Plants in Vermont

RankPlantUtilityLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
#1Bellows FallsGreat River Hydro, LLCBellow Falls, Vermont245.0 GWhFeb 1928Dec 2022 Water
#18Chace Mill Winooski OneCity of Burlington Electric - (VT)Winooski, Vermont27.8 GWhMar 1993Dec 2022 Water
#17Coolidge Solar 1, LLCCoolidge Solar I, LLCLudlow, Vermont28.6 GWhNov 2018Mar 2024 Solar
#12Coventry Clean Energy CorporationWashington Electric Coop - (VT)Coventry, Vermont53.7 GWhJun 2005Dec 2022 Landfill Gas
#7Deerfield Wind LLCAvangrid Renewables LLCSearsburg, Vermont97.8 GWhNov 2017Mar 2024 Wind
#11Essex Junction 19Green Mountain Power CorpEssex Junction, Vermont55.6 GWhDec 1916Mar 2024 Water : 99.7%
#23Fairfax FallsGreen Mountain Power CorpFairfax, Vermont21.0 GWhJan 1919Dec 2022 Water
#20Georgia Mountain Community Wind FarmGreenbacker Renewable Energy CorporationMilton, Vermont26.9 GWhNov 2012Mar 2024 Wind
#21Gilman MillAmpersand Gilman Hydro LPGilman, Vermont24.9 GWhDec 1940Dec 2022 Water
#8HarrimanGreat River Hydro, LLCWhitingham, Vermont91.7 GWhApr 1924Dec 2022 Water
#13Highgate FallsVillage of Swanton - (VT)Highgate, Vermont50.9 GWhJul 1923Dec 2022 Water
#22Huntington FallsGreen Mountain Power CorpWeybridge, Vermont22.8 GWhSep 1988Dec 2022 Water
#2J C McNeilCity of Burlington Electric - (VT)Burlington, Vermont188.5 GWhMay 1984Mar 2024 Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 99.8%
#3Kingdom Community WindGreen Mountain Power CorpLowell, Vermont177.7 GWhOct 2012Mar 2024 Wind
#14McindoesGreat River Hydro, LLCBarnet, Vermont48.0 GWhDec 1930Dec 2022 Water
#15MiltonGreen Mountain Power CorpMilton, Vermont38.0 GWhJan 1929Dec 2022 Water
#19PetersonGreen Mountain Power CorpMilton, Vermont27.8 GWhJan 1948Dec 2022 Water
#16ProctorGreen Mountain Power CorpProctor, Vermont30.0 GWhJul 1905Dec 2022 Water
#6Ryegate Associates, LLCRyegate Associates, LLCEast Ryegate, Vermont150.3 GWhAug 1992Dec 2022 Wood/Wood Waste Solids
#24SearsburgGreat River Hydro, LLCSearsburg, Vermont16.3 GWhFeb 1922Dec 2022 Water
#10Sheffield WindEvergreen Wind, LLCSheffield, Vermont73.7 GWhSep 2011Mar 2024 Wind
#9Sheldon Springs HydroelectricCentral Rivers Power US, LLCSheldon Springs, Vermont75.3 GWhJun 1988Dec 2022 Water
#5Vernon DamGreat River Hydro, LLCVernon, Vermont155.2 GWhJul 1909Dec 2022 Water
#4WilderGreat River Hydro, LLCHartford, Vermont157.2 GWhOct 1950Dec 2022 Water

Electricity Generation by Vermont Counties

State RankCounty# Power PlantsNet Generation
Past 12 Months
Net Generation
from Natural Gas
Net Generation
from Wind
Net Generation
from Solar
Net Generation
from Nuclear
#8Addison County, VT1499.9 GWh1.1 GWh0.0 Wh24.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#7Bennington County, VT7130.7 GWh0.0 Wh108.4 GWh6.0 GWh0.0 Wh
#3Caledonia County, VT9288.5 GWh0.0 Wh73.7 GWh6.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#2Chittenden County, VT22439.1 GWh385.2 MWh26.9 GWh44.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#11Essex County, VT334.5 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh3.5 GWh0.0 Wh
#6Franklin County, VT9161.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh12.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#14Grand Isle County, VT11.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh1.4 GWh0.0 Wh
#13Lamoille County, VT711.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh7.5 GWh0.0 Wh
#12Orange County, VT522.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh17.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#4Orleans County, VT7258.9 GWh0.0 Wh177.7 GWh5.6 GWh0.0 Wh
#9Rutland County, VT1669.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh23.7 GWh0.0 Wh
#10Washington County, VT940.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh518.0 MWh0.0 Wh
#1Windham County, VT8501.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh6.1 GWh0.0 Wh
#5Windsor County, VT10203.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh41.7 GWh0.0 Wh

Top 20 Electricity Producing Cities in Vermont

CityNet Generation# Power Plants
Barnet, Vermont398.8 GWh3
Burlington, Vermont188.5 GWh1
Chimney Hill, Vermont124.7 GWh3
Coventry, Vermont56.7 GWh2
Essex Junction, Vermont66.4 GWh3
Gilman, Vermont24.9 GWh1
Highgate Center, Vermont128.6 GWh3
Lowell, Vermont177.7 GWh1
Ludlow, Vermont28.6 GWh1
Middlebury, Vermont44.5 GWh4
Milton, Vermont117.8 GWh5
New Haven, Vermont36.5 GWh5
Proctor, Vermont30.0 GWh1
Sheffield, Vermont73.7 GWh1
Stamford, Vermont73.4 GWh1
Waterbury, Vermont24.6 GWh3
Wells River, Vermont165.7 GWh3
Whitingham, Vermont91.7 GWh1
Wilder, Vermont157.2 GWh1
Winooski, Vermont28.2 GWh2

Electricity Generation for Neighboring States

National RankStateNet Generation# Power Plants
#35Connecticut43.9 TWh203
#49Delaware5.2 TWh39
#51District of Columbia201.1 GWh18
#17Indiana99.7 TWh260
#24Kentucky68.7 TWh79
#45Maine13.1 TWh214
#38Maryland38.5 TWh223
#41Massachusetts20.9 TWh664
#11Michigan130.1 TWh357
#43New Hampshire18.1 TWh74
#23New Jersey69.7 TWh443
#10New York135.3 TWh1,040
#9North Carolina140.3 TWh1,100
#7Ohio149.7 TWh283
#3Pennsylvania256.0 TWh360
#47Rhode Island9.3 TWh105
#13South Carolina110.4 TWh292
#16Virginia102.5 TWh281
#31West Virginia56.2 TWh64
#25Wisconsin68.4 TWh284

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Mar 2024