Entergy Louisiana LLC

4809 Jefferson Highway Jefferson, LA 70121

Company Summary Information

Entergy Louisiana LLC is ranked #11 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #6 out of 1,257 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from natural gas.

Entergy Louisiana LLC generated 15.8 TWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

According to FERC EQR data, Entergy Louisiana LLC had a total of $427.4M in seller transasctions and $65.8M in buyer transasctions in 2023 Q4.

Company NameEntergy Louisiana LLC
Location4809 Jefferson Highway Jefferson, LA 70121
EIA Utility TypeInvestor-Owned Utility
EIA Utility DatesJan 2001 to Mar 2024
EIA Annual Generation 54.6 TWh
EIA Power Plants20
Fuel Types Natural Gas Nuclear Coal Petroleum Coke Other Gases Distillate Fuel Oil
Ranked #11 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #6 out of 1,257 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Natural Gas Generation

FERC Seller Summary

Seller Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Apr 2024
Seller Total Transaction Charges$19.20B
Seller Total Transactions15,201,908
Seller 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$427.41M
Seller 2023 Q4 Transactions704,352

FERC Buyer Summary

Buyer Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Mar 2024
Buyer Total Transaction Charges$4.69B
Buyer Total Transactions128,809
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$65.79M
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transactions2,671

Map of Entergy Louisiana LLC Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Monthly FERC Transaction Charges by Type

Monthly aggregates and sums are derived from FERC Electronic Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Power Plants Operated by Entergy Louisiana LLC

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
BurasBuras, Louisiana-Jan 1971Oct 2018
CalcasieuSulphur, Louisiana168 GWhApr 2000Dec 2022 Natural Gas
Lake Charles PowerWest Lake, Louisiana6 TWhFeb 2020Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Little GypsyLa Place, Louisiana751 GWhFeb 1961Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Louisiana 1Baton Rouge, Louisiana3 TWhSep 1951Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 69.0% Other Gas : 31.0%
Louisiana 2Baton Rouge, Louisiana-Dec 1949-
Monroe (LA)Monroe, Louisiana--Dec 2005
Nine Mile PointWestwego, Louisiana9 TWhOct 1955Mar 2024 Natural Gas
OuachitaSterlington, Louisiana5 TWhJul 2002Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Perryville Power StationSterlington, Louisiana4 TWhMay 2001Mar 2024 Natural Gas
R S NelsonWestlake, Louisiana2 TWhJan 1959Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 92.9% Petroleum Coke : 6.8%
River BendSt. Francisville, Louisiana6 TWhMay 1986Mar 2024 Nuclear
St. Charles Power Station (LA)La Place, Louisiana5 TWhApr 2019Mar 2024 Natural Gas
SterlingtonSterlington, Louisiana-Mar 1973May 2022
Sterlington SolarSterlington, Louisiana---
ThibodauxThibodaux, Louisiana---
Washington Parish Energy CenterBogalusa, Louisiana373 GWhOct 2020Mar 2024 Natural Gas
Waterford 1 & 2Killona, Louisiana381 GWhJun 1975Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 97.6% Distillate Fuel Oil : 2.4%
Waterford 3Killona, Louisiana7 TWhAug 1985Mar 2024 Nuclear
Willow GlenSt. Gabriel, Louisiana-Dec 1959May 2016

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to Entergy Louisiana LLC when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with Entergy Louisiana LLC.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2023 Q4
Engie Energy Marketing Na, Inc.Houston, TX-$373.71M
Engie Generation North America LLCChicago, IL3.0 GWh-
Engie North AmericaHouston, TX10.6 TWh-
Engie Power & Gas LLCHouston, TX-$182.20k
Engie Resources LLCHouston, TX-$244.10M
Engie Solidago Solar LLCTownsend, DE102.1 GWh$427.09k
Enlink Midstream Services, LLCDallas, TX48.1 GWh-
Ennis Power Company LLCEnnis, TX1.4 TWh-
Ensign Wind Energy, LLCJuno Beach, FL-$3.33M
Entergy Arkansas LLCLittle Rock, AR43.4 TWh$277.60M
Entergy Mississippi LLCJackson, MS11.5 TWh$154.37M
Entergy New Orleans, LLCNew Orleans, LA424.2 GWh$99.82M
Entergy Power, LLCThe Woodlands, TX-$2.33M
Entergy Texas Inc.The Woodlands, TX11.6 TWh$139.61M
Enterprise Products OPTG LPHouston, TX142.1 GWh-
Enterprise Solar, LLCHouston, TX-$2.32M
EntersolarNew York, NY40.7 GWh-
EONY Generation LimitedOttawa, ON70.9 GWh-
Epic Hosting, LLCVerona, WI2.7 GWh-
EPP Renewable EnergyAllentown, PA656.1 GWh-

All Companies Associated with Entergy Louisiana LLC

A list of all companies associated with Entergy Louisiana LLC in terms of FERC EQR transactions. Total Transaction Charges are based on FERC EQR data obtained since Q3 2013.

Company Name2023 Q4 Transactions w/
Entergy Louisiana LLC
Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.$345.15M
Entergy Texas, Inc.$53.43M
Entergy New Orleans, LLC$28.61M
Occidental Chemical Corporation$25.24M
System Energy Resources, Inc.$22.60M
Entergy Arkansas, LLC$10.08M
Catalyst Old River Hydroelectric Limited Partnership$6.84M
LA3 West Baton Rouge, LLC$1.02M
SAM Rayburn Municipal Power Agency$221.66k
EWO Marketing, LLC-
Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C.-

The 20 Most Recent FERC EQR Transactions

Displaying Results 1 to 20 of 15,330,717   ( 0.853s )
Seller NameBuyer NameProductTransaction
Group Ref #
Begin DateEnd DateTrade DateQuantityPriceUnitsTransmission
FERC Tariff RefContract
Point of
Delivery Hub
Entergy Louisiana, LLCMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_STR_374702024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-31-16.25$0.00$/MWH$0.00$0.00ESI MBRMISONew2013-12-192013-12-19EasternStandard2MISOEES.NINEMILE4FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Entergy Louisiana, LLCMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_STR_342722024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-317$0.00$/MWH$0.00$0.00ESI MBRMISONew2013-12-192013-12-19EasternStandard2MISOEES.CC.JWL_1FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Entergy Louisiana, LLCMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_STR_341492024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-31-1.5$0.00$/MWH$0.00$0.00ESI MBRMISONew2013-12-192013-12-19EasternStandard2MISOEES.OUACH_3FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Entergy Louisiana, LLCMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCENERGYMISO_RT_NXE_325242024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-310.1747$11.30$/MWH$0.00$1.97ESI MBRMISONew2013-12-192013-12-19EasternStandard2MISOEES.CARV_AFirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew

Entergy Louisiana LLC Name and Address Permutations

Due to the nature of the data we have to make some assumptions when determining if two companies are the same. So to be transparent about how we're calculating some of the summary values, here are all the company names and addresses that were combined to create this record. While we try to make sure everything is as accurate as possible we can't guarantee complete accuracy for all records.

Company NameCompany Address
Entergy Louisiana, LLC10055 Grogans Mill The Woodlands, TX 77380
Entergy Louisiana LLC4809 Jefferson Highway Jefferson, LA 70121