Union Electric Co - (MO)

1901 Chouteau Avenue St Louis, MO 63103

Company Summary Information

Union Electric Co - (MO) is ranked #21 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #4 out of 179 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from coal .

Union Electric Co - (MO) generated 11.7 TWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

According to FERC EQR data, Union Electric Co - (MO) had a total of $206.9M in seller transasctions and $4.6M in buyer transasctions in 2023 Q4.

Company NameUnion Electric Co - (MO)
Location1901 Chouteau Avenue St Louis, MO 63103
EIA Utility TypeInvestor-Owned Utility
EIA Utility DatesJan 2001 to Mar 2024
EIA Annual Generation 41.1 TWh
EIA Power Plants28
Fuel Types Coal Nuclear Wind Hydroelectric Conventional Natural Gas Distillate Fuel Oil Solar
Ranked #21 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #4 out of 179 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Coal Generation

FERC Seller Summary

Seller Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Apr 2024
Seller Total Transaction Charges$14.88B
Seller Total Transactions16,976,561
Seller 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$206.85M
Seller 2023 Q4 Transactions488,760

FERC Buyer Summary

Buyer Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Mar 2024
Buyer Total Transaction Charges$211.90M
Buyer Total Transactions165
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$4.63M
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transactions2

Map of Union Electric Co - (MO) Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Monthly FERC Transaction Charges by Type

Monthly aggregates and sums are derived from FERC Electronic Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Power Plants Operated by Union Electric Co - (MO)

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
Atchison County WindWestboro, Missouri945 GWhFeb 2021Mar 2024 Wind
Audrain Generating StationVandalia, Missouri244 GWhJan 2001Dec 2022 Natural Gas
CallawayFulton, Missouri10 TWhNov 1984Mar 2024 Nuclear
Cape Girardeau Renewable Energy CenterCape Girardeau, Missouri898 MWhOct 2021Dec 2022 Solar
FairgroundsJefferson City, Missouri2 GWhJul 1974Dec 2022 Distillate Fuel Oil
Goose Creek Energy CenterMonticello, Illinois568 MWhApr 2003Dec 2022 Natural Gas
High Prairie Wind FarmQueen City, Missouri1 TWhNov 2020Mar 2024 Wind
Howard BendChesterfield, Missouri-Jun 1973Dec 2014
KeokukKeokuk, Iowa988 GWhJul 1913Dec 2022 Water
KinmundyPatoka, Illinois224 MWhMar 2001Dec 2022 Natural Gas
KirksvilleKirksville, Missouri-Nov 1967Dec 2017
LabadieLabadie, Missouri17 TWhMay 1970Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 99.9%
MeramecSt. Louis, Missouri177 GWhApr 1953May 2023 Natural Gas : 68.9% Subbituminous Coal : 31.1%
MexicoMexico, Missouri2 GWhAug 1978Dec 2022 Distillate Fuel Oil
MoberlyMoberly, Missouri166 MWhJul 1978Dec 2022 Distillate Fuel Oil
Montgomery County Community Solar CenterNew Florence, Missouri10 GWhFeb 2022Dec 2022 Solar
MoreauMoreau, Missouri3 GWhJul 1978Dec 2022 Distillate Fuel Oil
O'Fallon Renewable Energy CenterO'Fallon, Missouri5 GWhNov 2014Dec 2022 Solar
Osage DamEldon, Missouri629 GWhSep 1931Dec 2022 Water
Peno CreekBowling Green, Missouri135 GWhApr 2002Dec 2022 Natural Gas
PinckneyvillePinckneyville, Illinois31 GWhMay 2000Dec 2022 Natural Gas
Raccoon Creek Energy CenterFlora, Illinois-May 2002Aug 2022
Renewable Energy Center at BJHSt Louis, Missouri2 GWhSep 2019Dec 2022 Solar
Rush IslandFestus, Missouri709 GWhFeb 1976Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 98.4% Distillate Fuel Oil : 1.6%
SiouxWest Alton, Missouri3 TWhApr 1967Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 80.5% Bituminous Coal : 19.3%
Taum SaukLesterville, Missouri-135 GWhNov 1963Mar 2024
VeniceVenice, Illinois30 GWhMay 2002Dec 2022 Natural Gas
ViaductCape Girardeau, Missouri--Dec 2010

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to Union Electric Co - (MO) when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with Union Electric Co - (MO).

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2023 Q4
UGI Energy Services, LLC5.7 GWh$362.31k
UGI Utilities Inc.Denver, PA-$18.09M
UIL Distributed Resources, LLCNew Haven, CT25.6 GWh$612.40k
Ulster Solar LLCJuno Beach, FL2.2 GWh-
Ulysses Solar, LLCIrvington, NY1.7 GWh-
Umass BostonDorchester, MA1.3 GWh-
Umbriel Solar, LLC131.3 GWh$2.18M
Unalakleet Valley ELEC CoopUnalakleet, AK3.6 GWh-
Underhill Solar LLCSan Francisco, CA3.7 GWh-
Union Carbide Corp-SeadriftMidland, MI849.3 GWh$3.09M
Union Falls Hydro Power LPMontreal, QB12.2 GWh-
Uniper Global Commodities North America LLCHouston, TX-$28.64M
Unisea IncDutch Harbor, AK29.6 GWh-
United Illuminating CoOrange, CT54.8 GWh$123.91M
United States Solar CorporationFairfield, CT58.9 GWh-
United States Sugar CorpClewiston, FL299.1 GWh-
United TechnologiesEast Hartford, CT139.5 GWh-
United Therapeutics CorporationSilver Spring, MD4.6 GWh-
Unitil Energy Systems, Inc.Hampton, NH-$15.15M
University Of AlaskaFairbanks, AK76.7 GWh-

Top 20 Companies Associated with Union Electric Co - (MO)

A list of the top 20 companies associated with Union Electric Co - (MO) in terms of total FERC EQR transactions charges. Total Transaction Charges are based on FERC EQR data obtained since Q3 2013.

Company Name2023 Q4 Transactions w/
Union Electric Co - (MO)
Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc.$204.59M
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm I, LLC$4.63M
Southwest Power Pool, Inc.$2.15M
City Of Perry, Missouri$94.90k
City Of Linneus, Missouri$18.64k
Evergy Metro, Inc.$1.64k
Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc.$217.34
Direct Energy Business, LLC-
Big Rivers Electric Corporation-
BP Energy Company-
Conocophillips Company-
Constellation Energy Generation, LLC-
Firstenergy Solutions Corp.-
Nextera Energy Power Marketing, LLC-
DTE Energy Trading, Inc.-
Dynegy Marketing And Trade, LLC-
EDF Trading North America, LLC-
Energy America, LLC-
Entergy Services, LLC-
Evergy Kansas Central, Inc.-

The 20 Most Recent FERC EQR Transactions

Displaying Results 1 to 20 of 16,976,726   ( 0.587s )
Seller NameBuyer NameProductTransaction
Group Ref #
Begin DateEnd DateTrade DateQuantityPriceUnitsTransmission
FERC Tariff RefContract
Point of
Delivery Hub
Union Electric CompanyMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSPINNING RESERVEMISO_RT_3239352024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-310.0833$0.32$/MWH$0.00$0.03FERC ELECTRIC RATE SCHEDULE NO. 11019New2005-01-012005-01-01EasternStandard2AMMOAMMO.CC.OSAGEFirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Union Electric CompanyMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_SUPP_3251462024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-313.75$0.01$/MWH$0.00$0.04FERC ELECTRIC RATE SCHEDULE NO. 11019New2005-01-012005-01-01EasternStandard2AMMOAMMO.MORUCTG1FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Union Electric CompanyMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_SUPP_3251912024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-312.9167$0.01$/MWH$0.00$0.03FERC ELECTRIC RATE SCHEDULE NO. 11019New2005-01-012005-01-01EasternStandard2AMMOAMMO.FGRDCTG1FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
Union Electric CompanyMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCSUPPLEMENTAL RESERVEMISO_RT_SUPP_3249742024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-313.3333$0.01$/MWH$0.00$0.03FERC ELECTRIC RATE SCHEDULE NO. 11019New2005-01-012005-01-01EasternStandard2AMMOAMMO.PENOCTG1FirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew

Union Electric Co - (MO) Name and Address Permutations

Due to the nature of the data we have to make some assumptions when determining if two companies are the same. So to be transparent about how we're calculating some of the summary values, here are all the company names and addresses that were combined to create this record. While we try to make sure everything is as accurate as possible we can't guarantee complete accuracy for all records.

Company NameCompany Address
Union Electric Co - (MO)1901 Chouteau Avenue St Louis, MO 63103
UNION ELECTRIC COMPANYOne Ameren Plaza, 1901 Chouteau Avenue St Louis, MO 63103