Summary of Electricity Activity in Louisiana

Summary of Louisiana Generation

Louisiana is ranked #15 out of 51 U.S. states and territories in terms of total annual net electricity generation. electricity generation data is aggregated from Jan 2001 to Mar 2024.

Companies on File81
Plants on File131
Total Generation7.13G MMBtu
Total Sales 6.59G kWh
Total Revenue $616.12M

Map of Top Producing Cities in the Louisiana

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Overall National Rank

#15 /51 U.S. States

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

106.6 TWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

1.1 G MMBtu

Electric Companies in Louisiana


Power Plants


Natural Gas Rank


Coal Rank


Nuclear Rank


Hydroelectric Rank


Wind Rank


Solar Rank


Monthly Net Generation for Louisiana

Electricity Sales Distribution

Electricity Sales, Price, and Revenue Breakdown

SalesPrice (Avg)Revenue
Residential1.83G kWh12.38 cents/kWh$226.13M
Commercial1.70G kWh11.43 cents/kWh$194.40M
Industrial3.07G kWh6.38 cents/kWh$195.48M
Transportation754.21k kWh12.68 cents/kWh$95.62k
Total6.59G kWh9.34 cents/kWh$616.12M

Production by Source

Largest 24 Power Plants in Louisiana

RankPlantUtilityLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
#3Acadia Energy CenterCleco Power LLCEunice, Louisiana6.6 TWhJun 2002Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#16Big Cajun 2Louisiana Generating LLCNew Roads, Louisiana2.7 TWhJun 1981Feb 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 61.7% Natural Gas : 38.3%
#11Brame Energy CenterCleco Power LLCLena, Louisiana4.5 TWhMay 1975Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 41.1% Natural Gas : 34.6% Petroleum Coke : 18.2% Bituminous Coal : 6.1%
#14Carville Energy LLCCarville Energy LLCSt Gabriel, Louisiana3.4 TWhMay 2003Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#10Coughlin Power StationCleco Power LLCSt Landry, Louisiana4.5 TWhMar 1961Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#18Dow St Charles OperationsDow Chemical Co - St CharlesTaft, Louisiana2.0 TWhNov 1996Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 99.3% Other Gas : 0.7%
#13J Lamar Stall UnitSouthwestern Electric Power CoShreveport, Louisiana3.7 TWhMay 2010Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#5Lake Charles PowerEntergy Louisiana LLCWest Lake, Louisiana5.9 TWhFeb 2020Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#20LaO Energy SystemsDow Chemical CoPlaquemine, Louisiana1.9 TWhMay 1958Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 86.5% Other Gas : 13.5%
#15Louisiana 1Entergy Louisiana LLCBaton Rouge, Louisiana3.3 TWhSep 1951Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 69.0% Other Gas : 31.0%
#24Mansfield MillIPC-Mansfield MillMansfield, Louisiana926.3 GWhSep 1981Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 55.1% Black Liquor : 29.8% Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 13.1% Tire-derived Fuels : 2.0%
#1Nine Mile PointEntergy Louisiana LLCWestwego, Louisiana8.8 TWhOct 1955Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#9OuachitaEntergy Louisiana LLCSterlington, Louisiana5.0 TWhJul 2002Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#12Perryville Power StationEntergy Louisiana LLCSterlington, Louisiana4.1 TWhMay 2001Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#7Plaquemine Cogeneration PlantDow Chemical CoPlaquemine, Louisiana5.3 TWhFeb 2004Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 98.6% Other Gas : 1.4%
#21PPG Powerhouse CWestlake 2 US LLCLake Charles, Louisiana1.7 TWhJul 1977Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 98.2% Other Gas : 1.8%
#19R S NelsonEntergy Louisiana LLCWestlake, Louisiana1.9 TWhJan 1959Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 92.9% Petroleum Coke : 6.8%
#6River BendEntergy Louisiana LLCSt. Francisville, Louisiana5.8 TWhMay 1986Mar 2024 Nuclear
#17RS CogenWestlake 2 US LLCLake Charles, Louisiana2.3 TWhNov 2002Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#23Sidney A Murray Jr HydroelectricFirst National Bank-CommerceVidalia, Louisiana978.0 GWhApr 1990Dec 2022 Water
#8St. Charles Power Station (LA)Entergy Louisiana LLCLa Place, Louisiana5.2 TWhApr 2019Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#4Taft Cogeneration FacilityOccidental Chemical CorporationHahnville, Louisiana6.5 TWhJun 2002Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 98.9% Other Gas : 1.1%
#2Waterford 3Entergy Louisiana LLCKillona, Louisiana7.3 TWhAug 1985Mar 2024 Nuclear
#22Westlake PlaquemineWestlake Chemicals & Vinyls LLCPlaquemine, Louisiana1.6 TWhApr 1997Mar 2024 Natural Gas : 97.6% Other Gas : 2.4%

Electricity Generation by Louisiana Counties

State RankCounty# Power PlantsNet Generation
Past 12 Months
Net Generation
from Natural Gas
Net Generation
from Wind
Net Generation
from Solar
Net Generation
from Nuclear
#6Acadia Parish, LA56.8 TWh6.8 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#13Ascension Parish, LA41.7 TWh1.5 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#18Beauregard Parish, LA1444.0 GWh100.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#11Caddo Parish, LA44.0 TWh4.0 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#2Calcasieu Parish, LA1212.8 TWh10.3 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#14Concordia Parish, LA1978.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#16De Soto Parish, LA2926.3 GWh510.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#10East Baton Rouge Parish, LA74.3 TWh3.2 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#9Evangeline Parish, LA14.5 TWh4.5 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#3Iberville Parish, LA812.3 TWh11.9 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#19Jackson Parish, LA1416.7 GWh159.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#5Jefferson Parish, LA28.8 TWh8.7 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#22Lafayette Parish, LA4180.2 GWh180.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#28Lincoln Parish, LA247.9 GWh47.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#27Morehouse Parish, LA280.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh80.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#20Natchitoches Parish, LA2385.3 GWh70.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#23Orleans Parish, LA8176.7 GWh133.9 GWh0.0 Wh42.8 GWh0.0 Wh
#4Ouachita Parish, LA79.8 TWh9.5 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#26Plaquemines Parish, LA3104.6 GWh104.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#12Pointe Coupee Parish, LA42.9 TWh1.2 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#8Rapides Parish, LA44.6 TWh1.7 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#25Red River Parish, LA1111.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#29St. Bernard Parish, LA443.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#1St. Charles Parish, LA622.2 TWh14.8 TWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh7.3 TWh
#21St. James Parish, LA5213.8 GWh299.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#15St. Mary Parish, LA8927.6 GWh654.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#17Washington Parish, LA3898.8 GWh403.2 GWh0.0 Wh103.2 GWh0.0 Wh
#24West Baton Rouge Parish, LA2163.2 GWh35.5 GWh0.0 Wh127.7 GWh0.0 Wh
#7West Feliciana Parish, LA25.9 TWh55.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh5.8 TWh

Top 20 Electricity Producing Cities in Louisiana

Electricity Generation for Neighboring States

National RankStateNet Generation# Power Plants
#6Alabama151.5 TWh100
#26Arkansas67.1 TWh97
#2Florida278.4 TWh396
#8Georgia145.4 TWh303
#5Illinois198.5 TWh470
#17Indiana99.7 TWh260
#21Iowa77.9 TWh334
#28Kansas63.4 TWh193
#24Kentucky68.7 TWh79
#20Mississippi78.5 TWh85
#22Missouri72.0 TWh174
#36Nebraska42.5 TWh145
#37New Mexico42.2 TWh175
#9North Carolina140.3 TWh1,100
#7Ohio149.7 TWh283
#18Oklahoma97.7 TWh157
#13South Carolina110.4 TWh292
#19Tennessee87.3 TWh105
#1Texas587.8 TWh1,176
#31West Virginia56.2 TWh64

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Mar 2024