Edenton Solar

20035 Jetton RD. Suite D Cornelius, NC 28031

Company Summary Information

Edenton Solar is ranked #2,793 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #809 out of 1,993 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from solar.

Edenton Solar generated 2.4 GWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

Company NameEdenton Solar
Location20035 Jetton RD. Suite D Cornelius, NC 28031
EIA Utility TypeIndependent Power Producer
EIA Utility DatesDec 2019 to Dec 2022
EIA Annual Generation 9.2 GWh
EIA Power Plants1
Fuel Types Solar
Ranked #2,793 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #809 out of 1,993 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Solar Generation

Map of Edenton Solar Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Power Plants Operated by Edenton Solar

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
Edenton SolarEdenton, North Carolina9 GWhNov 2019Dec 2022 Solar

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