Summary of Electricity Activity in Alaska

Summary of Alaska Generation

Alaska is ranked #48 out of 51 U.S. states and territories in terms of total annual net electricity generation. electricity generation data is aggregated from Jan 2001 to Mar 2024.

Companies on File62
Plants on File218
Total Generation560.00M MMBtu
Total Sales 537.51M kWh
Total Revenue $121.06M

Map of Top Producing Cities in the Alaska

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Overall National Rank

#48 /51 U.S. States

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

7.4 TWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

65.6 M MMBtu

Electric Companies in Alaska


Power Plants


Natural Gas Rank


Coal Rank


Nuclear Rank


Hydroelectric Rank


Wind Rank


Solar Rank


Monthly Net Generation for Alaska

Electricity Sales Distribution

Electricity Sales, Price, and Revenue Breakdown

SalesPrice (Avg)Revenue
Residential190.61M kWh24.71 cents/kWh$47.11M
Commercial227.28M kWh21.30 cents/kWh$48.42M
Industrial119.61M kWh21.35 cents/kWh$25.54M
Transportation0 kWh0.00 cents/kWh$0
Total537.51M kWh22.52 cents/kWh$121.06M

Production by Source

Largest 24 Power Plants in Alaska

RankPlantUtilityLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
#10Aurora Energy LLC ChenaAurora Energy LLCFairbanks, Alaska162.4 GWhMay 1952Dec 2022 Subbituminous Coal
#23BarrowBarrow Utils & Elec Coop, IncBarrow, Alaska53.3 GWhJan 1977Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#16Blue Lake HydroCity & Borough of Sitka - (AK)Sitka, Alaska81.0 GWhMay 1961Dec 2022 Water
#7Bradley LakeHomer Electric Assn IncHomer, Alaska416.3 GWhMay 1991Dec 2022 Water
#15Eielson AFB Central Heat & Power PlantU S Air Force-Eielson AFBEielson AFB, Alaska81.8 GWhSep 1952Dec 2022 Subbituminous Coal : 99.7%
#3Eklutna Generation StationMatanuska Electric Assn IncChugiak, Alaska586.5 GWhJan 2015Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#9Eklutna Hydro ProjectChugach Electric Assn IncPalmer, Alaska181.1 GWhDec 1954Dec 2022 Water
#21Eva Creek WindGolden Valley Elec Assn IncHealy, Alaska53.9 GWhDec 2012Dec 2022 Wind
#20Fire Island WindFire Island Wind LLCAnchorage, Alaska58.7 GWhAug 2012Dec 2022 Wind
#2George M Sullivan Generation Plant 2Chugach Electric Assn IncAnchorage, Alaska978.7 GWhDec 1974Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#24Green LakeCity & Borough of Sitka - (AK)Sitka, Alaska52.3 GWhMar 1982Dec 2022 Water
#6HealyGolden Valley Elec Assn IncHealy, Alaska439.7 GWhAug 1967Mar 2024 Lignite Coal : 78.0% Waste/Other Coal : 20.6% Distillate Fuel Oil : 1.4%
#13Lake Dorothy Hydroelectric ProjectAlaska Electric Light & Power Co.Juneau, Alaska92.9 GWhAug 2009Dec 2022 Water
#5Nikiski Combined CycleHomer Electric Assn IncNikiski, Alaska473.1 GWhAug 1986Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#4North PoleGolden Valley Elec Assn IncNorth Pole, Alaska488.1 GWhNov 1976Mar 2024 Waste/Other Oil : 79.8% Distillate Fuel Oil : 20.2%
#8SnettishamAlaska Electric Light & Power Co.Juneau, Alaska317.2 GWhOct 1973Dec 2022 Water
#1Southcentral Power ProjectChugach Electric Assn IncAnchorage, Alaska1.3 TWhDec 2012Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#14Swan LakeSoutheast Alaska Power AgencyKetchikan, Alaska84.0 GWhMay 1984Dec 2022 Water
#11Terror Lake MicrogridKodiak Electric Assn IncKodiak, Alaska148.6 GWhNov 1984Dec 2022 Water
#18Tesoro Kenai Cogeneration PlantTesoro Alaska Company LLCKenai, Alaska73.5 GWhOct 1988Mar 2024 Natural Gas
#22TNSG North PlantTDX North Slope Generating Inc.Deadhorse, Alaska53.4 GWhDec 2007Dec 2022 Natural Gas
#12Tyee Lake Hydroelectric FacilitySoutheast Alaska Power AgencyWrangell, Alaska116.5 GWhJun 1983Dec 2022 Water
#17University of Alaska FairbanksUniversity of AlaskaFairbanks, Alaska76.7 GWhDec 1963Mar 2024 Subbituminous Coal : 97.0% Distillate Fuel Oil : 2.8%
#19Utility Plants SectionDoyon Utilities - Ft. WainwrightFort Wainwright, Alaska72.9 GWhDec 1954Dec 2022 Subbituminous Coal

Electricity Generation by Alaska Counties

State RankCounty# Power PlantsNet Generation
Past 12 Months
Net Generation
from Natural Gas
Net Generation
from Wind
Net Generation
from Solar
Net Generation
from Nuclear
#25Aleutians East Borough, AK38.8 GWh0.0 Wh720.8 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#13Aleutians West Census Area, AK699.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#1Anchorage Municipality, AK72.9 TWh2.8 TWh58.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#14Bethel Census Area, AK761.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#21Bristol Bay Borough, AK126.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#11Chugach Census Area, AK8125.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#27Copper River Census Area, AK27.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#4Denali Borough, AK3493.7 GWh0.0 Wh53.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#20Dillingham Census Area, AK326.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#3Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK7888.5 GWh168.7 MWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#30Haines Borough, AK21.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#26Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, AK48.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#5Juneau City and Borough, AK9476.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#2Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK101.0 TWh575.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#7Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AK7177.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#8Kodiak Island Borough, AK8175.6 GWh0.0 Wh27.6 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#19Kusilvak Census Area, AK1028.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#29Lake and Peninsula Borough, AK13.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#6Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK2181.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#16Nome Census Area, AK1054.7 GWh0.0 Wh2.2 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#9North Slope Borough, AK14144.6 GWh113.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#17Northwest Arctic Borough, AK837.7 GWh0.0 Wh5.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#23Petersburg Borough, AK115.8 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#15Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area, AK1459.1 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#10Sitka City and Borough, AK3132.4 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#18Skagway Municipality, AK329.7 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#22Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, AK617.5 GWh0.0 Wh4.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#12Wrangell City and Borough, AK2117.0 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#28Yakutat City and Borough, AK16.9 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh
#24Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, AK311.3 GWh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh0.0 Wh

Top 20 Electricity Producing Cities in Alaska

CityNet Generation# Power Plants
Anchorage, Alaska2.4 TWh5
Bethel, Alaska47.2 GWh1
Eielson AFB, Alaska81.8 GWh1
Fairbanks, Alaska318.5 GWh5
Gateway, Alaska586.5 GWh1
Healy, Alaska493.7 GWh2
Homer, Alaska416.3 GWh1
Juneau, Alaska476.3 GWh8
Kenai, Alaska73.5 GWh1
Ketchikan, Alaska177.9 GWh6
Kodiak, Alaska175.6 GWh4
Nikiski, Alaska472.8 GWh2
North Pole, Alaska488.1 GWh1
Palmer, Alaska181.1 GWh1
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska53.1 GWh2
Sitka, Alaska132.4 GWh3
Unalaska, Alaska99.1 GWh4
Utqiaġvik, Alaska53.3 GWh1
Valdez, Alaska97.5 GWh4
Wrangell, Alaska117.0 GWh2

Electricity Generation for Neighboring States

National RankStateNet Generation# Power Plants
#12Arizona121.1 TWh202
#4California228.8 TWh2,227
#29Colorado62.6 TWh316
#44Idaho18.0 TWh190
#21Iowa77.9 TWh334
#28Kansas63.4 TWh193
#11Michigan130.1 TWh357
#30Minnesota59.7 TWh862
#22Missouri72.0 TWh174
#40Montana30.0 TWh95
#36Nebraska42.5 TWh145
#33Nevada46.0 TWh145
#37New Mexico42.2 TWh175
#34North Dakota45.2 TWh71
#27Oregon66.4 TWh314
#42South Dakota19.3 TWh59
#39Utah33.8 TWh173
#14Washington110.1 TWh180
#25Wisconsin68.4 TWh284
#32Wyoming46.6 TWh88

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Mar 2024