WPPI Energy

1425 Corporate Center Drive Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Company Summary Information

WPPI Energy is ranked #2,617 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #933 out of 1,257 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from natural gas.

WPPI Energy generated 5.6 GWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

According to FERC EQR data, WPPI Energy had a total of $28.9M in seller transasctions and $42.7M in buyer transasctions in 2023 Q4.

Company NameWPPI Energy
Location1425 Corporate Center Drive Sun Prairie, WI 53590
EIA Utility TypeMunicipally-Owned Utility
EIA Utility DatesJan 2005 to Dec 2022
EIA Annual Generation 12.3 GWh
EIA Power Plants2
Fuel Types Natural Gas Distillate Fuel Oil
Ranked #2,617 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #933 out of 1,257 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Natural Gas Generation

FERC Seller Summary

Seller Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Apr 2024
Seller Total Transaction Charges$1.27B
Seller Total Transactions9,599,005
Seller 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$28.91M
Seller 2023 Q4 Transactions349,203

FERC Buyer Summary

Buyer Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Apr 2024
Buyer Total Transaction Charges$2.06B
Buyer Total Transactions357,007
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transaction Charges$42.74M
Buyer 2023 Q4 Transactions14,850

Map of WPPI Energy Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Monthly FERC Transaction Charges by Type

Monthly aggregates and sums are derived from FERC Electronic Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Power Plants Operated by WPPI Energy

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
Island Street Peaking PlantKaukauna, Wisconsin12 GWhMay 2004Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 95.3% Distillate Fuel Oil : 4.7%
WPPI Hartford DGHartford, Wisconsin-Mar 2005Apr 2020

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to WPPI Energy when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with WPPI Energy.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2023 Q4
Woodbridge Energy CenterKeasbey, NJ4.3 TWh-
Woodfields Solar, LLCAsheville, NC3.9 GWh-
Woodland Avenue Solar 1, LLCBoston, MA9.3 GWh-
Woodland Biomass Power Ltd.Detroit, MI-$4.63M
Woodland Pulp LLCBaileyville, ME402.5 GWh$22.74k
Woodlawn Solar II, LLCSan Francisco, CA5.9 GWh-
Woodlawn Solar, LLCSan Francisco, CA4.3 GWh-
Woodline Solar, LLCAsheville, NC20.2 GWh-
Woods Hill Solar, LLCAndover, MA29.5 GWh-
Workman Road Solar Farm, LLCSanta Monica, CA3.7 GWh-
Wright Solar Park LLCBoise, ID482.3 GWh$2.64M
WTG Jameson, L.P.Midland, TX15.7 GWh-
Wyandot Solar LLCNew York, NY11.1 GWh-
WYSE Fork Solar Farm, LLCAsheville, NC3.4 GWh-
X-ELIO North America IncWashington, DC173.3 GWh-
XO Energy Ma, LPLandenberg, PA-$36.38M
XO Energy MW, LPLandenberg, PA-$63.40M
XO Energy SW, LPLandenberg, PA-$1.59M
XOOM Energy, LLCPrinceton, NJ-$17.11M
Yadkin 601 Farm, LLCBoston, MA6.2 GWh-

Top 20 Companies Associated with WPPI Energy

A list of the top 20 companies associated with WPPI Energy in terms of total FERC EQR transactions charges. Total Transaction Charges are based on FERC EQR data obtained since Q3 2013.

Company Contacts

A list of all company contacts obtained from FERC EQR data since 2013

ContactTitlePhoneEmailAddressFERC Filing Periods
Director of Risk Management|Risk Manager2013Q3 - 2024Q1
Settlement Analyst|Settlements Analyst2014Q4 - 2016Q1

The 20 Most Recent FERC EQR Transactions

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Seller NameBuyer NameProductTransaction
Group Ref #
Begin DateEnd DateTrade DateQuantityPriceUnitsTransmission
FERC Tariff RefContract
Point of
Delivery Hub
WPPI EnergyPJM Settlement, Inc.REACTIVE SUPPLY & VOLTAGE CONTROLPJMMKREA030124021984402024-03-01 00:002024-04-01 00:002024-03-011$23,400.00FLAT RATE$0.00$23,400.00NPUPJMNew2003-12-292003-12-29EasternPrevailing2PJMTSS 155 NelsonFirmShortTermMonthlyFullPeriodNew
WPPI EnergyALLETE, Inc.CAPACITYALLETE SALE ZRC2024-03-01 00:002024-04-01 00:002023-04-118$750.00$/MW-MO$0.00$6,000.00NPU376907New2020-09-232020-03-11CentralPrevailing2MISOMISOFirmShortTermMonthlyFullPeriodNew
WPPI EnergyMIDCONTINENT INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OPERATOR, INCENERGYMISO_RT_NXE_314392024-03-31 23:552024-04-01 00:002024-03-310.6533$10.25$/MWH$0.00$-6.70NPUMISONew2002-01-092005-04-01EasternStandard2ALTWALTW.BART1WPPIFirmShortTermFiveMinuteOffPeakNew
WPPI EnergyCentral Minnesota Municipal Power AgencyENERGYCMMPA SALE PB2024-03-01 00:002024-04-01 00:002012-08-095,654.5$65.28$/MWH$0.00$369,148.38NPU222428New2012-08-092012-08-082033-03-08CentralPrevailing2WECPt Beach Interconnect with HV System or WEC.WPPIUnitPowerSaleLongTermYearlyOnPeakNew