ND Paper, Inc.

1901 S. Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Company Summary Information

ND Paper, Inc. is ranked #587 out of 4,643 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #33 out of 138 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from wood and wood waste.

ND Paper, Inc. generated 219.1 GWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

Company NameND Paper, Inc.
Location1901 S. Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
EIA Utility TypeIndependent Power Producer
EIA Utility DatesJan 2018 to Mar 2024
EIA Annual Generation 746.5 GWh
EIA Power Plants4
Fuel Types Wood and Wood Waste Coal Natural Gas Other Fuel Residual Fuel Oil Other Renewables
Ranked #587 out of 4,643 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #33 out of 138 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Wood And Wood Waste Generation

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Power Plants Operated by ND Paper, Inc.

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
Biron MillWisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin217 GWhAug 1947Dec 2022 Natural Gas : 50.4% Subbituminous Coal : 47.6% Bituminous Coal : 2.0%
Mead Rumford CogenRumford, Maine-Sep 1954Jan 2015
Red Shield Envir Old Town FacilityOld Town, Maine76 GWhJun 1965Dec 2022 Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 71.8% Natural Gas : 16.1% Black Liquor : 11.9%
Rumford CogenerationRumford, Maine456 GWhDec 1989Mar 2024 Black Liquor : 45.7% Tire-derived Fuels : 24.1% Wood/Wood Waste Solids : 18.3% Bituminous Coal : 9.1% Residual Fuel Oil : 2.3% Sludge Waste : 0.5%

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FERC 2023 Q4
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Company Contacts

A list of all company contacts obtained from FERC EQR data since 2013

ContactTitlePhoneEmailAddressFERC Filing Periods
Director of Energy Strategy2023Q1 - 2024Q1
Energy Manager2021Q4 - 2024Q1
Energy Manager2020Q4 - 2021Q3
Energy Manager2018Q4 - 2020Q3

ND Paper, Inc. Name and Address Permutations

Due to the nature of the data we have to make some assumptions when determining if two companies are the same. So to be transparent about how we're calculating some of the summary values, here are all the company names and addresses that were combined to create this record. While we try to make sure everything is as accurate as possible we can't guarantee complete accuracy for all records.

Company NameCompany Address
ND Paper, Inc.1901 S. Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
ND Paper, Inc.35 Hartford Street Rumford, ME 04276
ND Paper, Inc.35 Hartford St Rumford, ME 04276