City of Vernon

4305 Santa Fe Avenue Vernon, CA 90058

Company Summary Information

City of Vernon is ranked #769 out of 4,651 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #366 out of 1,257 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from natural gas.

City of Vernon generated 161.3 GWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

Company NameCity of Vernon
Location4305 Santa Fe Avenue Vernon, CA 90058
EIA Utility TypeMunicipally-Owned Utility
EIA Utility DatesJan 2002 to Apr 2024
EIA Annual Generation 514.7 GWh
EIA Power Plants3
Fuel Types Natural Gas
Ranked #769 out of 4,651 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #366 out of 1,257 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Natural Gas Generation

FERC Buyer Summary

Buyer Dates AvailableJul 2013 to Dec 2023
Buyer Total Transaction Charges$362.44M
Buyer Total Transactions6,352

Map of City of Vernon Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Monthly FERC Transaction Charges by Type

Monthly aggregates and sums are derived from FERC Electronic Quarterly Reports (EQR)

Power Plants Operated by City of Vernon

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
H. GonzalesVernon, California409 MWhDec 1986Dec 2022 Natural Gas
MalburgVernon, California319 GWhSep 2005Apr 2024 Natural Gas
VernonVernon, California-Aug 1933Dec 2003

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to City of Vernon when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with City of Vernon.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2024 Q1
City Of Sumner - (Ia)Sumner, IA337.5 MWh-
City Of Tacoma - (Wa)Tacoma, WA3.1 TWh-
City Of Tallahassee - (FL)Tallahassee, FL3.1 TWh$1.04M
City Of TampaTampa, FL119.5 GWh-
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City Of VIneland - (NJ)Vineland, NJ93.1 GWh$4.97M
City Of Washington - (Ut)Washington, UT4.0 GWh-
City Of Waterloo - (Il)Waterloo, IL681.3 MWh-
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City Of Webster City - (Ia)Webster City, IA1.9 GWh-
City Of Wellington - (KS)Wellington, KS8.2 GWh-
City Of Wells - (MN)Wells, MN268.8 MWh-
City Of West BendWest Bend, IA226.3 MWh-
City Of West Plains - (Mo)West Plains, MO4.4 GWh-

Top 20 Companies Associated with City of Vernon

A list of the top 20 companies associated with City of Vernon in terms of total FERC EQR transactions charges. Total Transaction Charges are based on FERC EQR data obtained since Q3 2013.

Company Name2024 Q1 Transactions w/
City of Vernon
Inland Empire Energy Center, LLC-
Exelon Generation Company, LLC-
Nevada Power Company-
Shell Energy North America (US), L.P.-
Southern California Edison Company-
Western Area Power Administration-
Genon Energy Management, LLC-
Nextera Energy Marketing, LLC-
NRG Business Marketing LLC-
NRG Power Marketing LLC-
Powerex Corp.-
Elk Hills Power, LLC-
Nextera Energy Power Marketing, LLC-
Pacific Gas And Electric Company-
Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc.-
Sempra Gas & Power Marketing, LLC-
Sempra Generation, LLC-
Bicent (California) Malburg LLC-
Calpine Energy Services, L.P.-
Direct Energy Business, LLC-

The 20 Most Recent FERC EQR Transactions

Displaying Results 1 to 20 of 6,352   ( 0.088s )
Seller NameBuyer NameProductTransaction
Group Ref #
Begin DateEnd DateTrade DateQuantityPriceUnitsTransmission
FERC Tariff RefContract
Point of
Delivery Hub
NRG Business Marketing LLCCity of VernonCAPACITY1223184172023-12-01 00:002023-12-31 23:592023-09-0519,000$1.50$/KW-MO$0.00$28,500.00NBM LLC MBR, FERC Electric Tariff (4.0.0)VERN_DEBMNew2003-11-302003-11-30PacificPrevailing2CISOCAISO - SP15 Capacity - SystemFirmShortTermMonthlyFullPeriodNew
NRG Business Marketing LLCCity of VernonCAPACITY1285960382023-12-01 00:002023-12-31 23:592023-09-0571,000$1.95$/KW-MO$0.00$138,450.00NBM LLC MBR, FERC Electric Tariff (4.0.0)VERN_DEBMNew2003-11-302003-11-30PacificPrevailing2CISOCAISO - SP15 Capacity - South System FFirmShortTermMonthlyFullPeriodNew
Powerex Corp.City of VernonOTHERJMD214-T2627812023-05-31 00:002023-06-19 23:592022-08-2414,661$17.35$/MWH$0.00$254,368.35tariff_id:68, filing_id:557, record_id:1, option_code:AVERN-WSPP-OTHERNew2002-03-012002-03-01PacificPrevailing2CISON/ANotApplicableClassLongTermNotApplicableIncrementNotApplicableIncrementPeakingNew
Powerex Corp.City of VernonOTHERJLC108-T2586892023-05-30 00:002023-05-30 23:592021-08-1217,878$9.00$/MWH$0.00$160,902.00tariff_id:68, filing_id:557, record_id:1, option_code:AVERN-WSPP-OTHERNew2002-03-012002-03-01PacificPrevailing2CISON/ANotApplicableClassLongTermNotApplicableIncrementNotApplicableIncrementPeakingNew