Summary of Electricity Activity in Waterloo, IA

Summary of Waterloo, IA Generation

Waterloo, IA is ranked #3,326 out of 5,370 U.S. cities nationwide and #92 out of 164 Iowa cities in terms of total annual net electricity generation.

Annual Generation 929.7 MWh
Annual Consumption 215.7 k MMBtu
Last UpdateDec 2022
Power Plants4
Companies on File2
Power Plants in 50 Mile Radius 55
Power Plants in 100 Mile Radius 222

Map of Top Producing Plants in Waterloo, IA

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Overall National Rank

#3,326 /5,370 U.S. Cities

In Net Annual Generation

Overall State Rank

#92 /164 Iowa Cities

In Net Annual Generation

Overall Annual Net Geneneration

18.1 GWh

Total Annual Fuel Consumption

215.7 k MMBtu

Electric Companies in Waterloo, IA


Waterloo, IA
Power Plants


Annual Net Generation From natural gas power

11.6 GWh

National Rank in Terms of natural gas Net Electricity Generation

#1,099 /1,448 U.S. Cities

State Rank in Terms of natural gas Net Electricity Generation

#20 /37 Iowa Cities

Net Generation by Fuel Source

Net Generation by Fuel Source Breakdown

State RankNational RankGenerationFuel Consumption
All#92 / 164#3326 / 537018.07 GWh215.67 k MMBtu
Natural Gas#20 / 37#1099 / 144811.60 GWh179.37 k MMBtu
Solar#8 / 15#1644 / 25125.19 GWh17.72 k MMBtu
Distillate Fuel Oil#7 / 79#421 / 10641.28 GWh18.59 k MMBtu

Monthly Net Generation for Waterloo, IA

Power Plants in Waterloo, IA

PlantUtility NameGenerationConsumptionFuel Types
ElectrifarmMidAmerican Energy Co12.7 GWh196.4 k MMBtu Natural Gas : 91.2% Distillate Fuel Oil : 8.8%
Waterloo Solar (IA)MidAmerican Energy Co5.2 GWh17.7 k MMBtu Solar
Waterloo LundquistMidAmerican Energy Co151.7 MWh1.5 k MMBtu Distillate Fuel Oil
Washburn Wind FarmWashburn Wind Energy LLC0.0 Wh0 MMBtu No Information Available

Electricity Generation for Neighboring Cities

National RankCityNet Generation# Power Plants
#2831Cedar Falls35.1 GWh4
#5237Dike79.0 MWh1
#5084Grundy Center494.2 MWh1
#5201La Porte City117.5 MWh1
#1950New Hampton149.0 GWh2
#1891Sumner162.4 GWh2
#4035Traer6.9 GWh4
#Vinton-230.2 MWh1
#3959Waverly7.5 GWh3
#838Wellsburg937.5 GWh2

* Net Generation data is based on the last 12 months since Mar 2024