Adapture Renewables, Inc.

1901 Harrison Street, Suite 16 Oakland, CA 94612

Company Summary Information

Adapture Renewables, Inc. is ranked #902 out of 4,651 utilities nationwide in terms of total annual net electricity generation, and they are ranked #100 out of 2,001 utilities in terms of total annual net electricity generation from solar.

Adapture Renewables, Inc. generated 99.6 GWh during the 3-month period between September 2022 to December 2022.

Company NameAdapture Renewables, Inc.
Location1901 Harrison Street, Suite 16 Oakland, CA 94612
EIA Utility TypeIndependent Power Producer
EIA Utility DatesJun 2016 to Apr 2024
EIA Annual Generation 391.4 GWh
EIA Power Plants36
Fuel Types Solar
Ranked #902 out of 4,651 Utilities Nationwide by Annual Generation
Ranked #100 out of 2,001 Utilities Nationwide in terms of Solar Generation

Map of Adapture Renewables, Inc. Locations

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Monthly Electricity Generation by Type

Monthly electricity generation by source as reported by the EIA

Power Plants Operated by Adapture Renewables, Inc.

PlantLocationAnnual GenerationInitial Operation DateLast UpdateFuel Types
Adapture CA2, LLCOrland, California4 GWhFeb 2016Dec 2022 Solar
Baker City SolarBaker City, Oregon33 GWhJan 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Black Eagle Solar, LLCBlack Eagle, Montana5 GWhAug 2017Apr 2024 Solar
Bloomington Solar ISt George, Utah5 GWhNov 2018Dec 2022 Solar
BristolSolarWoodburn, Oregon4 GWhDec 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Brush Solar CenterUnity, Oregon6 GWhDec 2019Dec 2022 Solar
BT Cooke Solar, LLCGainsville, Texas135 GWhNov 2020Apr 2024 Solar
CatanSolarRunge, Texas25 GWhNov 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Cloverdale Solar CenterCloverdale, California2 GWhApr 2019Dec 2022 Solar
Gastonia Solar CenterGastonia, North Carolina8 GWhNov 2018Dec 2022 Solar
Great Divide Solar, LLCCanyon Creek, Montana6 GWhAug 2017Apr 2024 Solar
Green Meadow Solar, LLCHelena, Montana6 GWhMar 2017Apr 2024 Solar
GreenparkSolarSalem, Oregon2 GWhOct 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Hilly BranchLumberton, North Carolina---
Holdrege Solar CenterLincoln, Nebraska7 GWhMay 2016Apr 2024 Solar
Hope Farm Solar, LLCCranston, Rhode Island18 GWhAug 2019Dec 2022 Solar
Lemond SolarOwatonna, Minnesota9 GWhMay 2017Dec 2022 Solar
Magpie Solar, LLCLavina, Montana6 GWhAug 2017Apr 2024 Solar
MilfordSolar ORForest Grove, Oregon5 GWhDec 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Morgan Solar CenterOntario, Oregon7 GWhApr 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Neenach Solar CenterNeenach, California---
North Stonington Solar Center, LLCNorth Stonington, Connecticut5 GWhSep 2022Dec 2022 Solar
Ontario Solar CenterOntario, Oregon7 GWhApr 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Pike Road SolarSiler City, North Carolina---
River Bend Solar, LLCReed Point, Montana4 GWhMar 2017Apr 2024 Solar
Scituate RI Solar, LLCScituate, Rhode Island---
South Mills Solar, LLCHardin, Montana6 GWhMar 2017Apr 2024 Solar
SulusSolar17Oregon City, Oregon4 GWhMay 2020Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar22Silverton, Oregon5 GWhJan 2021Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar25Aurora, Oregon3 GWhSep 2020Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar28Willamina, Oregon5 GWhSep 2020Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar29Boring, Oregon4 GWhNov 2020Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar33Sheridan, Oregon5 GWhDec 2020Dec 2022 Solar
SulusSolar35Molalla, Oregon5 GWhJun 2020Dec 2022 Solar
Vale Solar CenterOntario, Oregon6 GWhJul 2020Dec 2022 Solar
WildberryMoscow, Tennessee27 GWhJun 2018Dec 2022 Solar

Other Companies Listed Alphabetically

A list of companies close to Adapture Renewables, Inc. when arranged alphabetically. They do not neccessarily have any association with Adapture Renewables, Inc.

Company NameCompany LocationEIA Annual
FERC 2024 Q1
Acorn I Energy Storage LLCAliso VIejo, CA-148.0 MWh$2.35k
Acton H Road Solar 1, LLCJersey City, NJ4.7 GWh-
Actual Energy, Inc.Birmingham, AL-$52.75k
ADA Carbon Solutions (Red River), LLCCoushatta, LA83.8 GWh-
Adams Community Solar Garden III LLCScottsdale, AZ2.9 GWh-
Adams Community Solar Garden LLCScottsdale, AZ2.9 GWh-
Adams Electric CooperativeCamp Point, IL3.3 GWh-
Adams Solar SC, LLCJersey City, NJ4.8 GWh-
Adams Solar, LLCArlington, VA36.3 GWh$476.40k
Adams Wind Farm, LLCValhalla, NY-$30.58k
Adelanto Solar II, LLCJuno Beach, FL17.3 GWh$251.47k
Adelanto Solar, LLCJuno Beach, FL52.6 GWh$934.54k
Adkins Energy LLCLENA, IL42.8 GWh-
Ads Renewable Energy- Wolf Creek, LLCHouston, TX19.4 GWh-
Ae Power Services LLCHouston, TX4.8 TWh-
AEM Wind LLCChicago, IL131.6 GWh$988.51k
AEP Energy Partners, Inc.Columbus, OH-$407.74M
AEP Energy, Inc.Columbus, OH-$63.99M
AEP Generating CompanyColumbus, OH-$61.36M
AEP Generation Resources IncColumbus, OH-$28.86M